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Paid to click industry – The Pros & Cons

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The human mind is very innovative & it develops ideas of making money through various ways. There are many ways to make money online but some online jobs providing sites are in the paid to click (PTC) category as promoted by us on our homepage & we have also given reviews to them. But, the paid to click industry is a very new, not more than 10 years old industry & has various pros & cons.


The basic model of PTC industry is that you get paid for clicking & viewing the ads of advertisers. These ads are nothing but web pages, shown to get value for the invested amount which you have been paid. That value comes in the form of products promotion, content promotion, gaining leads, bringing traffic e.t.c.

When the advertising business went online it had many aspects related to it & some of them while having positive intent had to face some major negative troubles also. There came many sites that asked people to join their platform & make money by seeing ads of advertisers who were investing because of the heavy traffic on the websites. These sites were called as PTC sites & in the last 10 or so 1000+ sites must have come to thrive in the thick of things but unfortunately there was a con related to it that either they were banned because of online payment processor guidelines or the person running them was a scammer.

How to find a genuine paid to click site ?

After seeing all the scams online I can only say that the 4 platforms we promote to make money online in India & receiving money thorugh paypal are the best ones as they have existed for more than 7 years in the PTC industry, other than that they also have some companies associated in their business who provide Get Paid To (GPT) services, which makes them live longer in the industry. However there are more Paid to click sites that you can register on & use to work as an online job.

The basic points that you have to look forward before joining any Paid To Click Site are :

  • What is the traffic rank of that website, which can be found out from
  • Who is the owner of the website & how much time its domain has been registered for, which can be found out by seeing its WhoIsLookUp
  • Searching about the reviews of the website that also through some good looking websites
  • Seeing payment proofs of the site from its forum, I suggest that every genuine PTC site should have a forum
  • Which payment processors does it use, especially if paypal is enabled then it is the best for Indians

A list of PTC sites for Indians has been compiled in Top Paying PTC sites List. We recommend you to take a look at them. We know that there are many who are making money or want to make money with PTC sites in India & hence we would like to read your comments on this post. Please post comments below on your own views or suggestions.

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