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The payment procedure for the top 2 online jobs sites mentioned in the homepage of EMoneyJobs is very simple. It uses various payment processors to transfer money to our bank account where the various payment processors like Paypal , Payza , Neteller , paytoo , payoneer are used . While Payza , Neteller , payoneer & paytoo are also genuine like paypal , it is recommended that you should use paypal to receive money as it is cheaper & easier than the others for Indians .

*Remember that other than paypal you also have to use payoneer to receive payments from one of our told sites. Payoneer also works like paypal as described below.


How to receive payments through paypal in India

In brief , Paypal can be called as a payment processor, accepted worldwide . In India , the Govt. of India has allowed Paypal to carry online money transactions under the supervision of Reserve Bank of India , as per some rules that are explained below .

Firstly you need an individual paypal account & you need to add a purpose code “Advertising & Market Research”  in your paypal account .There are numerous other purpose codes but to receive payments from our told top 2 online jobs sites you need this code only. You also need to join your Local bank account number along with IFS Code in India & PAN NUMBER in India to keep receiving the money from neobux to your bank account through paypal because you need to be verified before using your paypal account for online transactions, which is also a proof of legitimate income as per the laws of government of India . If you don’t have Pan Card then please visit our post on How to apply for a pan card online in India . You can receive upto a maximum limit of $10000 per transaction in your paypal account. The balance in paypal account gets auto withdrawn to your bank account every 24 hours regardless of its amount while you need at least $10 in your paypal account to manually withdraw it to your bank account . Keep in mind that it is fully secure to provide your above information of bank account & pan number to paypal as it is a very legitimate & old financial institution working for online transactions. Actually the money comes as NEFT from a local citibank account of paypal in India within 3 working days to our local bank account. The above details can be certified with the fact that whatever money we earn at the platforms told on EMoneyJobs , we withdraw it to our bank accounts through paypal & paypal is the legal recognized online payment processor in India for foreign exchange & that’s why RBI takes our bank account number & pan number along with a purpose code to receive payments from sites providing online jobs to keep track of our earnings & whatever earnings we have through paypal are considered export of services related payments as actually paypal is an OPGSP  or Online Payment Gateway Service Provider according to the guidelines of RBI .

Please note that PayPal has a local Toll-Free customer care number for assistance.

1800-212-3852 (a local Indian Toll Free telephone number)

(9:00 AM IST to 9:00 PM IST, Monday to Sunday)

All the information you need to have about paypal will keep updating as per the RBI Guidelines. Please contact us if you have any trouble in getting yourself a verified paypal account . Please visit our neobux payment proofs page to see how we received money in our bank account from neobux through paypal as it is one of the 2 top online jobs providing sites we have mentioned. More information about Paypal India Guidelines can be found out in our post about Paypal India

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