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How to Join Neobux?

  1. Click here and then click register.
  2. Fill the required details.
  3. In Payza/Paypal email, enter your same email ID again and click continue.
  4. Now, check your email inbox for validation code and copy-paste it in the registration form.
    (If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.)
  5. Enter the verification code and click finish registration.

How to Earn Money in Neobux?

There are 7 ways to earn money from neobux :

1.Click Ads and earn money for every ad you see.

  • Login to neobux.
  • Click “View Advertisements”
  • Click the orange box and then click the red dot inside it.
  • A new tab will open. Wait till the “O” OF NEOBUX LOGO  turns completely orange.
  • Then, close the tab and click the remaining ads in the same way.

2.Complete mini online jobs

  • Move your mouse over the offers button and click “Mini Jobs”.
  • Select any available job.
  • Follow the instructions carefully to complete the job.
  • After completing the online job your earnings will be credited to your account.

3.Invite your friends to neobux.

  • Use this link to invite friends:
  • Replace the blue text with your neobux username. Then send it to your friends via email, etc. When people join neobux using your link, they become your Direct Referral and you will get commissions when they click ads.
  • NOTE: You must do this only after being a member for at least 15 days and clicking atleast 100 ads. Without fulfilling these two requirements, you cannot have direct referrals.

4.Rent referrals from neobux.

  • Use the money earned from ad clicks to rent referrals.
  • This is the most popular method used by members to increase their earnings.
  • To rent referrals, click your username and then click referrals.
  • Select the number of referrals you want to rent & click yes.
  • Now, you’ll get paid for every click your rented referrals make.
  • To see your rented referrals, click the man wearing a yellow hat at the top right corner.

5.Click ADprizes for the Ads you see.

  • After viewing 1 ad you are given with 3 adprize chances
  • You can win some money or points or even a membership upgrade
  • Keep in mind that this is a prize for activity , so more adprizes you click , more you can win.

6.Complete Points Offers

  • Get points for watching videos , completing surveys , e.t.c
  • Points are Neobux currency that you can use to upgrade membership & recycle referrals
  • Points can’t be converted into money

7.Complete Coins offers

  • Get coins for watching videos , completing surveys e.t.c
  • Coins are neobux currency that you can convert into money
  • Read the Neobux FAQ to know conversion rates of coins

IMPORTANT: You must click the 4 orange ads everyday to receive commissions from your direct and rented referrals & you can click ads on a desktop or laptop only however all other work can be done using even a smartphone. Also remember that only 1 id per computer system is permitted.

Tips to earn more from neobux:

Install AdAlert

  • In neobux, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click AdAlert or click here .
  • Select your browser and install the addon.
  • Now you will receive a notification when new ads are available.
  • Click the neobux icon to see the new ads.

Enable sound notification

  • After logging into neobux, click personal on the left menu.
  • Scroll down to adalert settings and choose any sound for new advertisements.
  • Enter your password in the password confirmation and click save changes.
  • Now, you’ll hear a sound when new ads are available.

Visit the Neobux forum

  • Neobux has a forum where you can discuss with other members, ask questions etc.
  • There is a lot of useful information on the forum. Visit frequently and you will learn alot.
  • To view the forum, click the forum button at the top of the page or click here.


How to Join Clixsense?

  • Click here & click on Sign Up
  • Fill all the details and click “Signup Now”.
  • Login to your email inbox and click the validation link.
  • Click the validation link & login to click ads

How to Earn Money in Clixsense?

There are 5 ways to earn money from clixsense :

1.Viewing ads everyday

  • Login to clixsense
  • Click on view ads
  • View each & every ad daily

2. Making Affiliates

Using the clixsense Affiliate Program you can make a lot of money by multiplying your income day by day.

3.Completing available tasks

Completing clixsense tasks is usually the best way to earn with clixsense. But the problem is, they are not always available. So, we recommend installing the clixaddon, which notifies you of new tasks/ads. Tasks are great because when a task is available, you can do it unlimited number of times & get paid for each task done.

4.Completing available offers & surveys

Clixsense Surveys demand quality & they have their own guidelines as they are genuine so please read their content before taking the surveys

5.Playing Clixgrid

  • There are a few chances to click on a grid in which you can win upto $10.
  • You can click at least 3o Grids everyday

IMPORTANT: Being active everyday is not compulsory but it is recommended to spend some time everyday on clixsense & you can click ads on a desktop or laptop only however all other work can be done using even a smartphone. Only 1 id per computer system is permitted.

How to receive payments from these online jobs ?

You can easily receive payments from these jobs providing Sites after you reach the minimum payout balance as stated above. The option of withdrawing the money is available in your account home page of all these sites. After reaching the minimum payout balance, you can transfer it to your bank account from Neobux & clixsense to paypal & payoneer respectively. These sites send your earnings to your paypal account or payoneer account first, then from there you can transfer the money to your bank. If you don’t have an account, you can create it easily by going to or . It is absolutely free. PayPal & payoneer are like an online bank, which allow you to send and receive payments using the internet. Click the below link to get a complete guide of the payment procedure for these 2 top emoneyjobs.

“online payment process in India”

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How much time should I spend and how much will I earn per day?

The amount of money you earn per day depends on the number of ads or offers available and no. of direct/rented referrals you have. The no. of ads varies each day but usually it takes only 5-10 minutes to click them. You can earn more money by spending time to refer new members.

Are these jobs good for students?

Yes. Basically they are meant for students & homemakers who want to have an extra source of income doing it part time just like data entry jobs which in the meantime can become really good & stable one if they work with dedication.

Can I do this work from home ?

Yes. You can do do this work from home or anywhere you want as you need only a personal computer/laptop with a private internet connection to work on the above jobs sites. It doesn’t matter either you are from Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad or Mumbai.

Why my earnings are too low?

You will not earn much just by clicking ads as basically this is only part time job. To increase your earnings, save the money you earn by clicking ads & doing mini jobs , offers , surveys. Then, use the same money to rent referrals from neobux. Having a lot of referrals or affiliates is the key to increasing your daily income with neobux & clixsense.

Who are rented referrals?

Rented referrals are members like you, who joined Neobux or any other sites mentioned directly without a referrer, for example through google or yahoo search. You can rent such members from Neobux or respective sites and earn money from their clicks but they have a cost of extension unlike Direct referrals who are yours forever.

Do I have to pay anything?

No. You don’t have to pay anything to earn money from the sites mentioned in here. In this business the money comes from the advertisers & you don’t have to pay anything to start earning & receiving payments. However these sites also offer the facility of directly purchasing upgrades or premium membership & rental balance for renting & extending rented referrals , but it is totally optional.

Will I receive payments in dollars or Indian rupees?

When you withdraw through PayPal, they automatically convert US dollars into Rupees and credit it to your bank account. It takes about 3 working days for the money to appear in your bank a/c as NEFT. Again the details can be read at our page on payment procedure.

Is it safe to give my bank details in PayPal?

Yes, it’s actually the safest way to do online transactions. With more than 250 million accounts in 203 countries and regions, PayPal offers a fast, affordable and convenient online payment service for businesses of all sizes. In India, paypal is regulated by the RBI. We assure you that PayPal is 100% safe. Just do not give out your password to anybody. They will never ask you for your password via email, so do not respond to any emails that request account information.We recommend you to read our page on payment procedure carefully to understand & trust paypal in detail for your own convenience.

Where is the head office/branch of these sites’ owners in India?

These sites don’t have an office or branch in India. All activities like sending payments, support, e.t.c are done online. But the sites mentioned in here are owned by registered companies in their respective countries.

What is the Contact Number of EMoneyJobs.Com ?

Every information you need about contact number is in our contact page.



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