Daily Cash
Few of our Neobux Payment proofs from 2014 are presented in here as examples. You would be able to see proofs as screenshots (some content hidden due to security reasons) of paypal receipts & internet banking statements in terms of 3 steps that are explained below —

1) Payment from Neodev LDA (owner of neobux) to our paypal account in terms of dollars

2) Conversion of Dollars into Rupees & transfer of money to our Bank account

3) Receipt of payment in our bank account


Few Payments from Neobux

3 steps of Payment for October ‘2014


Neobux Payment OCT2014


Transfer to Bank Oct2014


bank receipt oct2014


3 steps of Payment for September ‘2014


Neobux Payment SEP2014


Transfer to Bank Sep2014




3 steps of Payment for August ‘2014

Neobux Payment AUG2014

Transfer to Bank Aug2014

bank receipt aug2014

In the same way you can also receive payments from clixsense either as small as $2 or as much as over $1000+ directly to your local bank account in India as NEFT if you follow the online payment guidelines & verify your paypal account.