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A combined review of & : 2 of those scam sites

Daily Cash

The habit of surfing around the net has brought me in front of many sites in my niche which I like to write reviews for & 2 of those sites are & , which are again meant to cheat people as they ask for money for giving nothing in return. So, I decided to write  review about both these sites together after I found out they are owned by the same person.



Both these sites are ranking very highly in the google serps for their keywords which are in demand all around India . I know that because I receive calls from all over India through my website which is in the same niche as these websites.

Firstly, I need to prove that both these websites are owned by the same person which can be easily proved by their whoislookup which gives us the information of a domain’s ownership , its registrar & hosting info. Basically, the domain is hosted at a Domain Name server of & registered under the same user Vignesh Kumar & this can be verified by checking the whois information of both these websites from the below links :

MassOnlineSolutions.Com WhoIsLookUp

Online-Parttime-Jobs.Com WhoIsLookUp

This definitely tells us that they are controlled by the same person. Now if you search the internet for their reviews you would get many , calling them scams.One of the best reviews I respectively read for one of these sites respectively is the review by moneyconnexion. I suggest you all to read this to know why both these sites are scams & why you should not pay any money to both of them.

Finally, I can say that any site which asks for money for registration is most probably a scam site as you have to provide something in return if you demand money in either the form of services or some product that has some value. For example, if you are taking money for some training pack of yours in which you are working as a guide for the buyer than surely it is not scam but asking money for something like registration doesn’t hold good as it is in reality not providing anything to the buyer.

Lastly, just like after writing my other posts I would like you to leave comments & please share this with all the friends who need to read this. Thanks 🙂



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