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How to make a website & use it to make money online in India

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The process of making money with a website does require you to perform some basic operations & you just have to follow them to make an income out of it along with providing value in the field that you would like to be associated with. Here we have mentioned all the steps to do that & everything has been mentioned keeping Indians in mind & so we compiled this post especially for Indian public.


The Process can be understood with the following points —-

1. Make a website

The method of creating a website is very simple if you have some amount of money to make purchases of some technical entities related to website.However free websites are also available to be used but they don’t provide high quality which should be your priority in this business.We found some great resource on how to create a website in India & you should also read it & watch the video to get details , it has been well explained.

2. Create UNIQUE content

You have to create good content for people to read & visit again for updates e.t.c. that increase your brand value in google especially if you have a blog in which you write posts everyday.In other words , the website/blog should be a niche specific one for the targeted traffic on the internet. Remember that when you don’t understand some term give it a google search & you have a lot of content available. In the same way you also have to be found out in the vast world of Internet.

3.Opt for earning ways

There are many earning ways on the internet available for you to use up & make money online using your website.Some of them have already been mentioned on our website.They are Affiliate marketing , blogging for google adsense , selling products online .

Out of all these 3 steps in the online earning process with your website the thing that you have to care about is that you have to provide value from your side to the people visiting your website to be visible in the search results, however you can also advertise your website in social media or use other innovative online / offline measures to advertise so that you can get better returns

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