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What is Actual Concept of Genuine Online Work ?

Welcome to the vast world of internet. Do you know that today internet is not only a channel to collect the information, but also an earning mechanism due to the innovative ideas of humans around the world & advertising is the main part of it as both google & facebook became billion dollars companies because of that only. As explained on our homepage there are  many works on Internet to do making you earn part time & some of them are getting paid to view Advertisement and online video watching,offer completion, e.t.c for which you get paid in dollars from companies & most importantly neither we nor those companies ask for a registration fee or money  from you as almost all of the sites that ask for money while providing online jobs are SCAMS.

Here we have discussed some of the most genuine methods that provide online jobs through their work categories as below:

Work1: Clicking on paid advertisements

The money in this business comes from the advertisers & they advertise their websites on 2 major platforms Neobux & Clixsense  for you to watch & earn money in few cents which with time become a lot of amount in dollars. All you have to do is join them for free, make an account & then watch the ads through the link provided in your account page only.

WORK 2: Completing offers of mini jobs or tasks along with surveys

Both the platforms above provide tasks completion opportunities that again pay you for doing genuine work like video watching, completing a health survey,finding out the address of a company through its website e.t.c

There are hundreds of Survey Companies (Market Research Companies) all over the world. Their main job is to conduct online survey on behalf of the Multinational Companies. These Survey companies are constantly looking for people like you to help them conduct the survey and collect information .Multinational Companies pay huge amount in terms of lakhs of Dollars to the survey companies to conduct survey about their products and services.

These are companies like Crowdflower, TrialPay, SuperRewards, TokenAds, MatomyMoney, OfferToro. These companies provide you survey forms in which you have to fill your right choice. Each question of the survey has 4 to 5 choice answers among which you have to choose an answer according to your opinion. Please note: There is no question of being right and wrong because here you have to give information to the company about yourself, which might be positive or in negative, i.e. if you are asked which product of L.G. is being used in your house, your answer can be either in positive or in negative. You can earn a handsome amount if you are regularly taking advantage of these offers.

How much can I earn?

These are 2 most genuine  websites on Internet which provide PTC & Survey work. So It depends on the number of hours you work daily because there is no limt of work but the important thing is that how much time do you spend for this work or how many ads do you browse every day.The member who is working daily 3-4 hours can easily earn Rs.10000 to 15000 per month (converted from dollars through payment processors) by doing this job.especially if he or she is also referring others to these 4 platforms as that makes you multiply your income daily.

What kind of work do you provide?

We offer part/full time, work-from-home on internet, where individuals from anywhere can work as independent, We provide two types of main work – paid advertisements & online surveys plus some other programs as bonus like part time online data entry work.

What is the Qualification to Do this Work?

No need of Extra qualification. Just basic Internet Browsing knowledge is enough to do this job.

How much Time I need to Work in the Internet ?

There is no hard and fast rules regarding the work. It depends on the number of hours you work. You can work at your convenient timings. But it is good at least you work 2-3 hour daily to earn a decent income.

Whether something is to be bought or sold in this work ?

No, never you have nothing to buy or sell in this work.

Do I have to pay any amount or fees while joining survey companies?

No, You don’t have to pay any fees to these companies. Your registration is totally free in all these companies websites

Is there any time limit or target ?

There is no such target or time limit. You can do it at your own time without having any target for this work.

Where we can do this work?

You can do this work at your home just like part time jobs if you have your personal laptop or desktop and internet connection but not through a mobile as the above platforms can’t compromise with quality of ads.

When and what time we can do this work?

You can do this work in any time of day and night (part time, full time) or when ever your want. It is not necessary to do the work daily, if you want you can give the gap of some days during your work , but to get credited for your referrals’ clicks daily you need to be active daily

How would I get my payment from them & in what mode?

The online payment procedure can be checked in our payment procedure page

What to do in case of doubts?

Just contact us or call us through our contact page & solve your queries.


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