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FastRupee Review – The site running since 2011 for Indians

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Looking out for more keywords searched in India I came across “How to earn money online” for which there were sites ranking in the SERPs. But, there was one site FastRupee.Com which I always saw among the top sites since the late 2011 & is still ranking constantly in there. I decided to give it a review after I came to know that its domain was bought in May 2011 through its FastRupee WhoIs LookUp.


The front view has got beautiful corporate looking design after a description of site admin & they have an earning program without investment for Indians, which is lovely to listen to first up. When you scroll down you come across 3 methods to earn money which are writing jobs, freelancing & then online business.



There methods of earning money do make sense because they do have a roll to play in our promotions also, but the description has been shown in a very sensible way. Just like us they have mentioned there payment processor to be paypal, which makes them totally trustworthy.

I did subscribe to their email list through the header subscriber form & they have sent some mails since then & I am waiting for many more mails in the future because I know they provide quality. At Last it is for sure that in the case of earning money online sites that don’t ask for money are the ones to look out for & are surely going to exist for more time but surely if they are promoting something very new then you have to be careful with your steps. I also saw some negative points been made about FastRupee.Com , but I have experience of 4 years in the same industry so I can say that it is worth your time to be a part of their email list. They don’t update their blog often but the content they provide is awesome to read & I highly recommend the fastrupee blog. Hope many more guys make these kind of innovative websites so that Indians can take benefits of that.


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