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Blogging : The developing Industry in India

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I have been a fan of blogging as an upcoming boom in digital marketing industry & I do praise those hard working professionals who want to be valuable to the society. Bloggers in India are one of those valuable people as they are the ones who provide value to the people who are searching for the content in their niche. I have learned that a blogger does make money , in fact a lot of money by running his/her blogs for the public on the internet & the way they make money is not very different from the lights of a television channel or a newspaper as the main income source is advertising or promotions (affiliate marketing) other than some services or products that they may offer.

After the boom of Information Technology in the 21st century the internet has become a medium of knowledge, communication, commerce , e.t.c & hence blogging can be called as an emerging industry that can be a big part of the future we may have in front of us.Take a look at the top blogs from Indians around the world which have made a mark on the internet & have shown a way with their content that blogging is going to be a great success to make money & providing value for the coming generations. What we need to do is just be aware & make people aware of its potential that can build a fortune for Indians.

Lastly, I can say that Indians have the capacity to prosper especially with the digital revolution with Digital India Programme that is in limelight now a days.

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