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Bharat Online Work – The Big Scam running online for Indians

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When we talk about online jobs , there is lot of demand of this keyword in the internet industry, especially India. So, I was going through the top most ranking websites in the google search results for this keyword & I found out that BharatOnlineWork.Com is ranking at the top of google continuously, but when I surfed the website , I had realized that they were scammers called as “Bharat Online Media” who were ranking there & making a fool of people by asking them money for which nothing valuable is being provided.


I surfed a lot & came to a conclusion that they are ranking very highly because they have built up their brand name & people are surfing for their domain name, also the website is getting direct traffic which is essential for high search rankings in google. i asked a friend of mine to write an article as their review & he came up with this awesome review of Bharat Online Work

I personally have seen the ads of bharat online media in Hindi national daily newspapers which I believe is bringing traffic to their site & hence ranking highly in google.Here is a proof below.


Actually the site mentioned in here “” is the main redirecting website to “”  & they are definitely making a lot of money so they are advertising in newspapers to grow their “Ponzi scheme”. Here is a screenshot of redirecting page from the ad above.


May God save us from these scammy programs, I reported to google about this site…..I don’t know what will happen in the future but beware of any site especially before giving them money, making a review search always helps

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