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EMoneyJobs.Com was made to make people from India aware of the facts that there are ways to make genuine money online either you take it as online jobs or online business opportunities. It was started by Gaurav Tandon from Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh in october’2014.

gaurav tandon

Hello friends . The above pic is mine. I am Gaurav Tandon , the creator of this website. I started working online after graduation in 2011 due to my passion for the internet & curiosity for the business model that runs the internet. Since I started, I found out many ways to make money on the internet, but the root of having an income out of the internet was to have a website & providing value using that website/blog.

After understanding all these concepts I made my first website TheRupeeBook.Com in 2013 which was about earning money online without investment in India & soon after one and half years in 2014 I started working as web development , digital marketing & online jobs solutions firm with the banner name The Rupee Book . So, I changed my first website & turned it into my firm’s website to start working with emoneyjobs.com for the purpose of online jobs for Indians.

I do like to write posts giving references to posts & programs that have a variety of information relating to the topic & I do mention all those posts in EMoneyJobs Blog. Frankly, if you checkout all those posts for sometime, you would definitely come to know a lot of things related to online money making.

If you want to talk to me about anything you want, then you can contact us anytime from our contact page  just be aware that we can reply in Hindi or English languages only. You would be replied ASAP 🙂 .