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6 steps to increase your Google AdSense earnings

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AdSense is a great program that allows bloggers to earn revenue and here in this article I will provide some tips on how you can increase the earnings from your AdSense account.

If you are a seasoned blogger who is already using AdSense, you will probably know what it is. But if you have a great blog and has still not considered the option of using AdSense it is time you should to get the most out of your blog. AdSense is a cool program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic advertisements (be it text, image video or interactive). These advertisements are managed by Google and helps publishers to earn revenue.


Are you disappointed with the earnings from AdSense? While you are struggling to earn, you see some other webmasters enjoying great earnings. So what is making the difference? Here are some ways that will help you to increase your AdSense earnings:

  1. Increase your site traffic

Without good traffic to your site, you cannot expect good revenue from your Ad units. So, the basic need for better revenues is to increase the traffic to your site. There are various ways you can get high traffic to your site. One of the best ways is to create good content that is useful to the visitors and which is informative enough for them to share with others.

  1. Follow the rules of AdSense

The most important thing for a publisher is to follow the AdSense rules and guidelines laid down by Google. If the publisher does not adhere to these rules there is a high chance that his/her AdSense account may be blocked and can even be disabled from further use. After it has been disabled you will not be allowed for further participation in the program. You can check out the rules and guidelines here.

  1. Proper placement of best performing ad units

Most bloggers, webmasters and publishers admit that the position of the Ad units brings remarkable changes to the revenues. One tested and proven position which is supposed to bring a tremendous increase in the revenue is at the top of the page (also known as Above the Fold). Also, according to Google reports, it states that the top performing sizes in ad units are the large rectangle (336X280) and medium rectangle (300X250).

  1. Be attractive to your top referrers

You have to be attractive to not only the people visiting your site but also to your top referrers. You can use Analytics to see which of your referrers are worth most in terms of AdSense revenues. You will find though some of the sites get you more traffic you get more revenue from sites other than those. So plan your ad units according to your needs.

  1. Learn which style suits your site

Do not clutter your website with ad units. It defeats the purpose for which your site was originally built. So find out which placements is best without hampering the originality of the website.

Generally there are three different techniques. The first one is to blend the Ad border and background into the page where it is displayed. The second technique is to choose a color that will complement the most prominent color present in the website. The third technique is to make the border and background of the ad in contrasting colors.

  1. Combine text and rich formats

You do not always have to choose between text display Ads or rich display Ads. Rich display ads are those which are a combination of text, images and media. Though the click through rate (CTR) is higher in text ads, the revenue generated by rich ads are higher. So it is a great way to combine the two types to get the best of both worlds.

With these tips you can expect to earn higher revenues from your AdSense. Just know that it is good to experiment with your ad placements and styles so that you know which ones prove to be more effective.

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